Greetings! I am Julio Nar, a professional freelance illustrator
of over 15 years, within the comic book trade.  Originally from
Los Angeles, California, I am now operating in the suburbs of
sunny (and hot!!) Arizona.

I've been mostly involved with commissioned artwork as of
late, but have and continue to enjoy, various contractual work
with 3rd party businesses, such as IDW Publishing and the
Upper Deck Company, among others.

In addition to my tenure in the comic book genre, I also have
experience in the art direction department, thanks to my
involvement with JNCO's (a clothing business) graphic arts
sector, under the amazing tutelage of then, art director Frank
Gomez (former artist at Top Cow and DC Comics).

My main focus, is to develop high quality and high impact art.
A Brief Background Outside of The Grid
It was early 2007...  I was stressing about my
lack of success, in breaking further into the
comic book market, outside of the endless
back end paid work offers and "exposure"
projects, I'd receive.
Feeling defeated, I accepted that I just wasn't
good enough to get the
good offers.

I grew cynical of myself, but could no longer
afford to put the pen down and learn a new
trade to survive on. I was in complete mental

Then, a talented colleague of mine, shared
me a link to a talent search, for a
project, by the Upper Deck Co.  Keep in
mind, I have grown a great distaste for sketch
card work, ever since my last stint with
Family Guy trading card set, where
I must have drawn over 600 sketches
(season 1 and 2).

Repetitious, tedious and monotonous, as I
remember it. I just wasn't able to implement
my passion into every piece. I hated the job
and swore off sketch cards forever.

As one would imagine, the knife was twisted
further when I received this memo. I felt like
this was my eternal fate.  Moaaar sketch
cards!  After cursing my existence, something
finally hit me over the head. I looked up and it
was a heavy glowing sign, that read,
It's now been a little over 10 years, since
my first milestone in 2007. So much has
changed in our world, but I'm still here and
it's many thanks to you good people, who
continue to show your support for my work.

As the years flew by, I've decided to
become sort of a recluse and focus on what
was most important to me.  That is, to
create top notch
, work.

There were many
distractions I've taken in,
when I was making headlines. Some were
amazing and surreal, but some were bizarre
and difficult to deal with.

When people begin to understand that
there is money to be made off o
abilities, they start to cross lines they really
shouldn't. It then becomes abuse. This is
what we call, business.  A harsh reality that
creeps it's ugly head, whenever big dollar
signs blink over the horizon.

I felt it was sucking me dry of the drive and
enthusiasm I once had, for creating exciting
and fun artwork. So I made the jump from
into the shadows.  No regrets.  I was
able to use the time to plan out my next set
of endeavors, armed with experience and

The future still holds many great
and I intend to embrace them.

Rock on
! ;-]
You can also reach me directly at
Sorry, I am not taking commissions for the rest of 2017. I have much work to
do, before opening up the gates again. I hope you'll understand.
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Without the fluff!
I grew up in Boyle Heights, for the most part (early 1980s - 2010).  Finding my spark through that realm, was a
little difficult
. Drawing comic book characters for a living, was the last thing I thought I'd be doing today.  Through
all the haze, made up of dysfunctional lifestyles and broken dreams, I was
kind of oblivious to this wonderful
possibility.  I lived mostly around gang territory, so my reach towards
personal enlightenment was slightly hindered.

It wasn't until I turned
18, when things began to change for me.  I met a couple of good friends, whom introduced
me to this amazing universe of creativity.  I recall being blown away, by legendary artist/creator,
Todd McFarlane.
His accomplishments, left a
very strong impression on me. This level of enthusiasm, has allowed me to break fee
rom my own restraints of self doubt.  

I shook the grime off my shoes and laid down my goals towards a new and exciting path.  All I needed to do, was to
go for it.  My goals were
pretty lofty, yes, but it's aiming for the stars that has brought me much luck in this field. I
don't run a toy line
(yet) or a top selling book (yet), but I'm very appreciative of where I am today, all things
considered and I'm still here
reaching out for the stars. ;-]
Thanos sketch card from Upper Deck's Marvel Masterpieces 2007.
Thanos full color sketch card, personal commission from 2016.
After years of hard practice, I was able to push the envelop even
further.  This is only a glimpse of even greater things to come.
The Unexpected Milestone of 2007
In my previous card job, Inkworks specifically directed us, not to deviate from the show's established art direction,
whereas Upper Deck's set had
no artistic limitations. Furthermore, it was a set, utilizing the ever so popular,
Marvel license, that is,
Marvel Masterpieces. A trading card set from the 90s, making it's return debut for the

That's when I decided I would take this
opportunity, to introduce something that hasn't been done before in this
specific market. To create detailed and dynamic, miniature comic book pin ups, rather than the standard pencil and
ink sketches we used to pull off, with the occasional dabs of color. Keep in mind, this project also offered only 1
dollar per card.
The job called for 200 sketch cards to be done, within a 2.5 to 3 month period.  Upper Deck was oblivious of my
plans and so were any card collectors out there. In fact, no one even knew who I was.  I worked in secrecy for the
most part.  Every day... Morning to night.  I remember watching the entire
Rocky (Stallone) saga, repeatedly, to
sort of help my morale, when I felt fatigued.  "You're a tank!", "Run over'em!", as Mick (Rocky's raspy voiced
trainer) would yell. It gave me the
mental energy to keep pushing forward.

Despite the number of pieces I had to put out, the job never felt tedious or monotonous, because this time around,
the job had
great purpose.  By the time the deadline rolled around, I began to feel the crash, however.  I was
ready to collapse on my table.  But I was finished. 200 fully rendered cards.  Days after they made their debut to
the public, I was propelled to the top.  The mission was successful.  It was an amazing experience and it shook up
the market, real good.  I still enjoy the success of that milestone, to this very day and I have nothing but thanks  to
give, to everyone who's supported me and my work throughout the years.  :-]
"It ain't over, til it's over." -Rocky Balboa
If you're not familiar with "sketch cards", they are basically trading card size art boards, at 2.5 x 3.5 inches, which
artists would draw on, usually for a licensed or non-licensed, trading card set.
Extraterrestrials are real...